Hello, I’m Sara Steffes Hansen.

SSH_0811webI’m fortunate to call many professionals and students “colleagues” from years of work in strategic communication, and in my current role as anĀ assistant professor in the Department of Journalism at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

My history includes work as a director, manager and consultant for high-tech and Fortune 500 companies. Today, I’m teaching advertising, public relations and new media courses – and blogging, researching and consulting in new media.

Everyday I try to think and act creatively – for teaching, research and enjoying life. What inspires me:

  • Art with my kids in our studio
  • Outdoor adventures with my family + dogs
  • Nature anywhere
  • Modern art
  • Tech influences on daily life
  • 80s music and videos
  • My students – I love fresh ideas from these creative contributors!

Online, you may find me from time to time exploring an online game or virtual world. Most reliably, I’m at Twitter and LinkedIn.

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